Early Book Review: Honk! Splat! Vroom! by Barry Gott

Honk! Splat! Vroom! by Barry Gott is currently scheduled for release on February 1 2018. Five mice speed down a road race, eager to cross the finish line. But first they must overcome all sorts of messy obstacles, including mud and one very hungry cat! Luckily, a friendly goose saves the day. 
Honk! Splat! Vroom! is a fast and fun read for even the youngest readers. The five mice are racing hard, and while they struggle to win and are not always kind to each other as one mouse is left behind and they pass and pass again. However, when danger is at hand the mouse that was left behind and his new friend save the day. Not the best tale about how to behave in competition, but in the end they all redeem themselves and act as friends should. The illustrations and words are big, bold, and will capture the attention and interest of readers, keeping them engaged and entertained. 

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