Book Review: Chirp by Dolores Castello

Chirp is a picturebook by Dolores Castello. When a little chick leaves the flock, he stumbles on to an adventure that will change him forever. This charming picture book from Dolores Costello is a cute read for little explorers.
Chirp is a cute little picturebook that follow the adventures of a chick named Chirp. He wonders and explores the world, and gets himself in and out of trouble. His stumbling around things that might have cause harm, but quickly avoided disaster. The illustrations are simple and charming, but add a nice amount of humor and emotion to the story. I loved the interaction between Chirp and his family toward the end of the story, and how the simplicity of the story makes it solid. However, while it is a charming picturebook that made me smile, and I think many readers will enjoy, I just do not think it was anything astounding. 

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