Early Book Review: Tricky by Kari Rust

Tricky by Kari Rust is a picturebook about the Duke and his dog, Tricky. It is currently scheduled for release on October 15 2017. This pair spend their days making trouble. They cheat, steal, and play pranks on their neighbors, just for fun. But one day, somebody new comes to town and gives Tricky a treat that melts his mischievous heart, and sets him thinking about the effect his actions have on others. Inspired to change his ways, Tricky decides to set things right the only way he knows how with tricks! Tricky’s ploy might just lead The Duke to reconsider his ways.
Tricky is a great picturebook that shows Tricky and his master playing tricks on just about everyone. When someone shows Tricky kindness he starts to question what he has been doing. I like that The Duke shows that while he likes to play tricks he does not respond well to being on the other side, and Tricky learns not to play mean tricks of others. My favorite thing about this book is that it is the act of someone else being kind, rather than a harsh consequence, that helps Tricky see the error of his ways. Readers, even the youngest, will see that sometimes offering a simple kindness to others can make a big difference. They also get to see that more often than not, people that are being unkind can change or will often move on when things change in their lives. The stylized artwork and bold colors make the story pop off the page and feel a little more alive to the audience. I greatly enjoyed the read, and think it is both a fun read and one with a great message to share.

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