Book Review: Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday

Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday is a lovely new adult romance. Theo Wallace usually laughs at the horoscopes his mom sends. Still hung up on his ex-girlfriend and practically friendless, this one begs him to reconsider. Because a friendship that stuck, that thrived. Well, that would be a reason to leave past pains behind and look to the Bright Future. When his sister Leone challenges him to find her the perfect date for a spring wedding, Theo uses it as a chance to make new friends. Theo’s ex economics tutor and newest roommate Mr. Jamie Cooper seems to be a possible and convenient match. Real convenient. Like written in the stars, convenient. All he has to do is make sure this Jamie is good enough. Could really be The One for her, and the friend for him.

Leo Loves Aries might catch readers by surprise, just like it catches one of the main characters. I loved Theo's journey of self discovery, and the cluelessness he has about the world around him. He is just so good hearted and blind to some aspects of those around him that he constantly made me smile. He is not stupid, far from it, but just does not see everything he should. I know so many people like that, which made the character feel even more real to me. I loved that friendship is so important to the story, and that Leone is such a smart, capable, and strong character. She often sees things he cannot, even is she is blind. Meanwhile, Jamie is a nice balance between them, smart and aware. I loved the developing friendship that happens between all the major players, and how the dynamics between them grew and changed through out the book. I just loved the read, and will be looking for more from the author.

Leo Loves Aries is a new adult romance and coming of age story that had me smiling as I read. I just enjoyed the characters and the read that much. While some readers might not enjoy the story simply because it is a same sex romance, I found the characters and the journey to be charming and enjoyable.

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