Book Review: Where are you Wilbert by Bárdur Oskarsson

Where are you Wilbert by Bárdur Oskarsson is a picturebook about a small gray rat and her large gray friend, Wilbert. They are playing hide-and-seek. Wilbert is tough to find, so the rat asks a passing crocodile for help. Together, they hunt behind every tree they can see, and finally, the rat spots Wilbert. But the crocodile can’t see Wilbert, even when he’s standing right in front of them. Why not?
Where are you Wilbert is a sweet picturebook about imagination and friends. I like the minimal text and light colors in the illustrations. The effect is gentle and sweet, emphasizing the way different people see the world. I like that even though the crocodile cannot see Wilbert, he is still friends with the rat and does not make fun of her for their differences. I found the book to address perspective and imagination well, while keeping the story sweet and enjoyable.

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