Early Book Review: Tobor by Guido van Genechten

Tobor is a picturebook by Guido van Genechten that is currently scheduled for publication on October 11 2017.  Ben receives a very special present for his fifth birthday. Unlike Ben's stuffed animals who can't move on their own or talk, Tobor is different; with a press of his square nose, Tobor comes alive, suggesting and playing games, talking and asking questions and soon he becomes Ben's best friend. Sometimes friendship develops where you least expect it.

Tobor is a delightful picturebook with artwork that captured my attention right away. Ben plays with and interacts with his stuffed animals the way many imaginative children do, as if they are alive. However, when he is gifted with Tobor- a toy that can actually talk and play rather than one that can only do these things in his imagination, he is as obsessed as anyone would expect a child to be. I loved the adventures and interaction the pair have. I liked that Ben got tired of Tobor's constant desire to play. More than anything, I liked that Ben came to see that a toy that walks and talks is great, he also sees the importance and fun that can be found with a little more variety. I think could be a good classroom or family discussion starter about new friends and how different people play different ways, and that we can all come together and find a happy medium. 

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