Early Book Review: Yellowstone Country: Idaho, Wyoming & Montana by David Skernick

Yellowstone Country: Idaho, Wyoming & Montana is a collection of artwork by David Skernick. It is currently scheduled for release on June 28 2017.  Are you up for a road trip? Ride along the back roads of the vast Yellowstone region and enjoy stunning panoramic photographs that reveal the beauty of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana and include Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park in all their glory. Embark on an expedition without GPS, visiting majestic wildlife and drinking in fantastic landscapes along the way. Glimpse the emerald green Shoshone Falls in Idaho, turning aspens and grazing moose in the Grand Tetons, black bears roaming the Devil’s Tower region in Wyoming, glorious geysers, steamy hot springs, and imposing bison with their young in Yellowstone, the raging Bull River and otherworldly Glacier National Park in Montana, as well as lonely railways and isolated barns along “gray” roads, that is, the ones less traveled. The appendix includes a complete list of camera equipment, exposure, and panorama statistics—enough to satisfy even the techiest of photographers.

Yellowstone Country: Idaho, Wyoming & Montana is a beautiful collection of images that has me itching for a road trip. However, since that is not in the cards for my near future, I am turning that inspiration toward to local parks and beauty that can be found closer to home. Looking through this collection really made me more appreciative of the everyday beauty of the world, and wanting to both share it and protect it from the pollution and destruction that seem so inevitable these days. While I might be far from Yellowstone- and I might never get to see it in person- I found that the angles and light in this photographs made me feel like I was there, and I was able to glory in the sheer scope, amazing colors, and the pure power of nature. No matter where you live, and if you are a wanderer or homebody, this photographic journey will enthrall and amaze you with the wonderful sights to be found in Yellowstone Country.
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