Book Review: Baas Shapes by M.J. Burke, Jake Tebbit

Baas Shapes is a board book written by M.J. Burke and illustrated by  Jake Tebbit.  Meet Baa, a sweet and somewhat mixed-up sheep, who has a knack for getting into interesting situations, doing things in the most unexpected way, and smiling through it all. Baa’s favorite food is bright green grass and there is a whole field ready to be nibbled. Baa, a unique sheep, grazes that grass into shapes!

Baas Shapes is a short, sweet book that helps teach shapes. I really enjoyed the little hidden surprises in the illustrations- such as creatures like frogs and snails for young children to search for an find on each page. I think the happy little sheep, combined with the crisp colors, and value for teaching shapes makes this a perfect little book for the job. Some of the words might be tough for those trying to read independently, I think as a shared read will make this a hit. While it is not so incredibly new of an idea to knock my socks off, I enjoyed the book and think that the youngest set of readers will enjoy the book as well. 
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