Early Book Review: Natural Wonders of Assateague Island by Mark Hendricks

Natural Wonders of Assateague Island by Mark Hendricks is a wonderful collection of photography and information which is currently scheduled for release on June 28 2017. Assateague Island, primarily known for its population of wild horses and pristine beaches, is a magical place. Yet few people have experienced all of its natural wonders. Noted wildlife photographer Mark Hendricks has spent years exploring the barrier island and shares his passion for the area's incredible biodiversity in this stunning collection of more than 190 color pictures. Through his lens and words, he captures truly rare moments with some elusive creatures, including a river otter, snowy owl, black stallion, and the threatened piping plover. From the windswept beaches to inland forests and through all seasons, this personal journey is relatable to all who have visited, or wish to visit, this enchanted island off the coasts of both Maryland and Virginia. 
Natural Wonders of Assateague Island is a visually and intellectually stunning work. I love nature and learning new things about places I thought I knew, and places I never even knew existed. This book told me so much about somewhere I have never seen and only heard about once or twice in passing. The photography is stunning and the book is worth looking over just for the images collected here. I really enjoyed that amount of information that was included, some in large block other in single sentences unobtrusively included in the corners of the related images. This is a book that I will go back and revisit both for the images and information- and be able to share with my animal and nature obsessed daughter. 
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