Early Book Review: Hair-pocoalypse by Geoff Herbach, Stephen Gilpin

Hair-pocalypse is a picturebook written by Geoff Herbach and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin. It is currently scheduled for release on August 1 2017. Aidan Allen has angry hair. That's right angry hair. Hands down, he has the angriest hair anyone has ever seen. But why is his hair so angry? Why is his hair trying to ruin his life? Why is the sky blue? Two of these three questions will be answered in this comical tale of kid vs. hair.
Hair-pocalypse is a bright and energetically illustrated picturebook. As someone that has hair with a mind of its own (in fact my hair's sentient nature is a running joke among some of my friends- who claim it grows and moves when I get angry) this book was one I just had to read. However, Aidan and I have some major differences in out hygiene habits. In short, Adian does not really care to be clean. He is admittedly a grubby kid- and his hair has had enough. I loved the images of the things his hair does to get his full attention, and how simple a peaceful solution is. I think this is a great book for sharing with kids that argue about bathing, brushing, and other basic issues that effect cleanliness. Most children go through a stage when they do not want to take the time to get clean, or try to rationalize that they will just get dirty again. I can think of a few little ones that I need to share this fun, and non shaming, book about needing to be clean, at least a little. I really like that the changes Adian makes are small steps, ones that are likely to stick and perhaps start a trend in a cleaner direction for him and readers of like mind.
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