Book Review: Stop Feedin' da Boids! by James Sage, Pierre Pratt

Stop Feedin' da Boids! is a picture book written by James Sage and illustrated by Pierre Pratt. When Swanda first moves to Brooklyn from the country, she misses the wildlife she left behind. But not for long. Swanda notices all the pigeons outside her apartment and decides that they need a bird feeder of their own. It is fun to watch the pigeons flock to the feeder, at first. But then more arrive, and then more, and more. Before she knows it, there are way too many pigeons! Swanda seeks some help from a few experts; a pest control officer, the keeper of birds at the city zoo, and an exotic bird fancier from Peru but that gets her nowhere. So her neighbors step in with their own solution. 

Stop Feedin' da Boids! is a fun picturebook that tells what could happen when a nature-loving girl meets city birds. The artwork is bright and adds detail and an additional layer of humor to the story. Readers get to see Swanda's good intentions, and the unintentional chaos that her actions cause. I loved that the story shows both the good heart and desire to help, as well as the need to think about the bigger picture and that doing a little research before try to help might be a good thing. 
Stop Feedin' da Boids! is a funny book for sharing one on one or in a group read aloud setting. While it is great fun and humorous, it would also work as an introduction to social studies lessons on the differences of communities and dialects or a discussion about how animals adapt to live in cities. 
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