Book Review: Undiscovered (Amoveo Rising) by Sara Humphreys

Undiscovered is the first book in the Amoveo Rising series by Sara Humphreys, which is a spin off and continuation of the Amoveo Legend series. If you have read the previous series you will be at an advantage, but readers new to this world will be able to catch up quickly and enjoy the story.

A long time ago, Zander Lorens was cursed to walk the earth stripped of his Dragon Clan powers. Every night, trapped in a recurring nightmare, Zander relives his darkest moment. He can hardly believe it when the dream changes and a beautiful young woman appears. Zander believes she's the key to ending his torment. Finding her in the real world is one thing, but how will he convince her of who-and what-she really is? Rena McHale uses her unique sensitivity as a private investigator, touting herself as a "human divining rod" and finder of the lost. By day she struggles with sensory overload, and by night her sleep is haunted by a fiery dragon shifter. Nothing in her life makes sense, until the man from her dreams shows up at her door with a proposition.

Undiscovered has a good mix of character and story development. I like that both Zander and Rena have their own issues and stories, and that Rena has some sense of self preservation- even if she does run off with a random guy for a case, money, and answers. Zander's punishing of himself for his role in what has happened gets a little old, and Rena's almost perfection does wear a little thin after awhile. However, I like that they are fairly honest with each other, if not everyone else or themselves. I really liked how they came to terms with their own desires, but found that they came together almost too easily. I did think that the story was likely just the groundwork to start of the new series, and to connect it to the previous stories. However, despite its faults it did make for a diverting read while my kids made the attempt to drive me insane over April vacation.

Undiscovered is an entertaining urban fantasy. It has the balance of good writing, adventure, and romance that I have come to expect from the other books I have read by Humphreys. Not earth shatteringly wonderful, but an engaging read to escape into and enjoy.
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