Book Review: Little Professor and his Robot Factory by Marianne Parry

Little Professor and his Robot Factory by Marianne Parry is a children's book including three stories following the adventures of three of Little Professor’s robots and their little helper friend Scooper Man. The stories are; Magnet Man: Soon after being created, Magnet Man decided to explore the world outside the factory, but his magnetic properties soon find him attracting a metal sign, a gate, a drainpipe and a car. These give him the appearance of a fearsome monster, which sends the local people scuttling inside their homes. Then there is Electric Man: Magnet Man’s friend, Electric Man can do sums very quickly and is soon put to use in the local school, helping a class teacher. He uses funny voices to make the lessons fun, but when the teacher is away, the children misbehave and he has to teach them a different sort of lesson. And finally Light Man: The third of the best friends, Light Man envies their adventures out of the factory but is soon to have one of his own. When that comes to an end, he involves all three plus Scooper Man in a street party with the now delighted local people.

Little Professor and his Robot Factory was a struggle for me. While I love all things science, silly, and robotic I just could not get into this book. While there were some fun aspects and some educational aspects neither really grabbed me. I wanted to love it- I expected to love it. However, I picked it up four or five times and never really felt engaged with the story. I think the ratio of text to pictures was off for the beginning reader target audience, either that or the scientific information and themes were geared too young for the readers that would be more comfortable with the amount of text. I want more science, more pictures, and much more fun to make this a better read. 
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