Book Review: Elephi; the Cat with the High IQ by Jean Stafford, Erik Bledvad

Elephi: the Cat with the HIgh IQ is a children's book written by Jean Stafford and illustrated by Erik Bledvad. It was originally published in 1968. Elephi Pelephi Well Known Cat Formerly Kitten lives in a city apartment with a nice but slightly boring couple. Desperate for a playmate and some intelligent conversation, he manages to smuggle in a small foreign car which had been stuck in a snowdrift. When Elephi's new companion is discovered in the storeroom, there is a lots of confusion, and some good fun.
Elephi: the Cat with the HIgh IQ is a cute story that features a smart but bored cat, and the abandoned car that he has claimed as a friend. Elephi's scheming and thought process is entertaining for children and adults alike. The idea of a car and cat chatting takes some imagination, but as a cat owner (or servant) I often wonder what goes on in those furry little heads and this story did not ease my mind at all. It is not hard to imagine a cat considering these actions or the destruction that Elephi considers part of his daily routine. The illustrations and story are slightly dated, but not in a way that makes it no longer relevant or entertaining. I thought the read was amusing, charming, and something I might share with my children at home or school library.
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