Book Review: Nightwing: Vol 1 Better Than Batman (Rebirth) by Tim Seeley, Javier Fernandez, Yanick Paquette

Nightwing: Vol 1 Better Than Batman (Rebirth) is a graphic novel written by Tim Seeley with art by Yanick Paquette and Javier Fernandez. It collects NIGHTWING: REBIRTH #1 and NIGHTWING #1-6.

He's been Robin, he's been a super spy, a ghost. Now, Dick Grayson finds himself back in Gotham City fighting to reclaim the life that was taken from him. But when a new evil threatens those closest to Dick, as Nightwing he must once again choose whether or not to tear himself away from his home in order to combat this dark force. Everything Dick thought he knew about being Nightwing will be brought to bear, and his relationship to his former mentor Batman will be put to the test. 

I have always loved comics and graphic novels, but have never had the chance to read any Nightwing issues before. I know enough of his story and the universe to not be completely lost, which was nice, but I think many readers coming in completely cold might be slower to catch up to the characters and their relationships to each other. I liked that even though there was plenty of action and mystery going on, there was a great deal of character development for all the major players as well. I think Nightwing's growth- and the resulting changes in his relationships with those closest to him- were very well done and left the door open for many possibilities in the future. I really like that we get serious development with the not so good guys as well. That is why I have always like the Batman and related stories, because little is clearly black and white, good or bad. The artwork and coloring are exactly what I was looking for in this title. extending the readers understanding of the action and character's emotions while telling their part of the story.

If you enjoy the greyer side of crime fighting, and enjoy graphic novels I would suggest checking it out. I do offer a warning though, if you do and have not been keeping up with the DC comic world this will make you eager to catch up. I know I am now looking for the time to do some serious reading.
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