Early Book Review: The Green Umbrella by Jackie Azua Kramer, Maral Sassouni

The Green Umbrella is a picture book written by Jackie Azua Kramer and illustrated by Maral Sassouni. It is currently scheduled for publication on February 1 2017. When Elephant takes a peaceful walk with his green umbrella he's interrupted by a hedgehog, cat, bear, and rabbit each claiming that they’ve had exciting adventures with his umbrella. After all, it is an umbrella, and it certainly hasn’t been on any adventures more exciting than a walk in the rain. Or has it? Things aren’t always what they seem in this charming tale of imagination, sharing and friendship.

The Green Umbrella is a wonderfully charming picture book about a simple umbrella- and the imaginations of many that have used an umbrella for so much more. The story shows how different people can see something so simple as an umbrella very differently, and they are all worth exploring. I love the inherent encouragement for imagination and play here, as well as the acceptance pf different ideas. While no one wants to give up the umbrella, or their ideas for it, they are willing to share what they have and compromise. This is beautiful. The illustrations do a wonderful job of exploring the stories the different characters experience in their imagination. The colors and fun intros images are a perfect pairing to the text and story of the book. 
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