Book Review: Not His Dragon by Annie Nichols

Not His Dragon by Annie Nichols is a paranormal romance. Eoin Grant hasn’t encountered a female of his race in decades, and this crazy person’s scent declares her unmated. Fate set her in his path, and he won’t let this opportunity slip through his claws. No matter how wary she is of him. After all, how many chances does a dragon have at finding love? But fate can be a crueler mistress than his perfect mate. Of all things, she thinks she’s human. Business is taking off for Angie Weldon. She put her freakishly sharp nails to good use when she opened her back-scratching spa in downtown New Porter City. The local shifter community pounced on her skills and she’s knee-deep in shed fur. By the end of the year, if lucky, she could afford to move out of her crappy apartment. Dollar signs flash before Angie’s eyes when a dark, brooding stranger books her solid for a week but she notices the possessive fury in his glare. She’s been around enough shifters to know the look, and she won’t go down that road again. Angie is literally swept off her feet by the intense shifter and he wants more from her than she’s willing to give. She figures it’s best to avoid eye contact and back away slowly. Until he changes her life by insisting she’s a dragon. 

Not His Dragon is a fun paranormal romance. Angie is a quirky heroine, although her internal dialogue in the very first chapter almost had me putting the book down. I am glad I kept reading though, because the read was fun with several twists and plenty of world building. I thought this might be part of a series, but so far I have not found any evidence of that. I liked the interplay between Angie and Eoin, and that our dragon had to admit some vulnerability to our heroine before we normally see that kind of sharing in romance involving alpha males of any species. There were several very funny moments, and some that were very high tension. I liked that there was a nice mix of mystery, romance, suspense, and magic throughout the read. There were faults, several of the twists were fun but either not fully developed or unnecessary, but I enjoyed the read on a snowy weekend as I stayed snug and dry indoors.

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