Early Book Review: Agnes and Clarabelle by Adele Griffin, Courtney Sheinmel, Sara Palacios

Agnes and Clarabelle is a children's book written by Adele Griffin and Courtney Sheinmel with illustrations by Sara Palacios. It is currently scheduled for publication on January 17 2017. It is an advanced easy reader or easy chapter book, depending on how you categorize those transitional books that help bridge the gap for young readers.

Agnes the pig and Clarabelle the chicken are best friends through every season! Whether it's planning the perfect birthday party in the spring, spending a summer day at the beach, braving a big department store in the fall, or making the very best pizza in winter, they help each other through every up and down. For Agnes and Clarabelle, everything is better when they're together!

Agnes and Clarabelle is a charmingly illustrated set of stories about best friends Agnes and Clarabelle. They are friends that will do anything for each other and help each other face challenges and fears on a daily basis. I like that they how teamwork and understanding no matter what they face, and do not judge each other no matter how intense those fears might be, or how silly someone else might find them. They are a perfect pair, and that is my only sticking point. While I love that the stories clearly show a character with anxiety, and how the pair care for each other unconditionally, i thought the lack of any frustration or conflict was a little too perfect. Although, that could have been intentional.

Agnes and Clarabelle is a sweet book that can help start discussions on anxiety, tolerance, and acceptance. I think it will appeal to many, and can help foster empathy in some and the feeling of not being alone in others.
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