Book Review: Stickman’s Guide to the Oceans in Layers by Catherine Chambers, Venitia Dean (Illustrations), John Paul de Quay

Stickman’s Guide to the Oceans in Layers, written by Catherine Chambers and illustrated by Venitia Dean and John Paul de Quay, offers readers of all ages a look beyond the surface of the ocean. Dive deep into the ocean to explore what each layer from the surface to the ocean floor contains. Discover the animals and geography of each layer as you descend. Current stressors on our oceans are included along with the basic information on each layer of the oceans. 

Stickman’s Guide to the Oceans in Layers offers a pretty perfect balance of illustrations, humor, and information. The information is delivered in small chunks, but offers some facts and information that I had not already seen in all the children’s nature books that I have read with my animal obsessed daughter. It was nice to learn something new, in a way that was fun and well paced. I think this would new a hit in home, school, and public library collections. I think I am going to have to revisit the Stickman’s Guide series and see what other titles would be well received my my own readers. Fun and information, what a great combination.

Stickman’s Guide to the Oceans in Layers is a wonderful resource for readers that want more information about the world they live in. I like that current issues that are affection the ocean environments, such as climate change and oil spills, are included in the book. Will the balance of illustrations, information, and silliness I think that just about everyone that picks up this book will learn something, and greatly enjoy it. 
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