Book Review: Puggle’s Problem by Aleesah Darlison, Sandra Temple

Puggle’s Problem is a picture book written by Aleesah Darlison and illustrated by Sandra Temple. Pipp is a tiny puggle with a big problem. He's the only echidna who hasn't got his spines! Determined to have them come soon he sets out to ask his friends for advice.

Puggle’s Problem is a sweet story with the important lessons of patience, perseverance, and being yourself. Pipp, a spineless echidna, wants to know why he does not have his spines yet and how to get them to come in. He goes off in search of answers, which happen to be beautiful illustrated. He talks to other animals, and makes some new friends. On the way he learns more about the other animals, and himself. While he never gives up, he finally understands that sometimes we need to wait for things to come, and that some things happen at different times. I love that this book can be used to get a large variety of ideas across to children, but it never comes across as preachy- only as a gentle picture book.

Puggle’s Problem is a wonderful story time or bedtime read and conversation starter for those that want to bring up topics such as never giving up, diversity, how everyone grows at their own pace (including teeth, hair, height, and so on), and taking pride in what we are good at rather than worrying about things we see as our faults. 
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