Book Review: Dojo Surprise by Chris Tougas

Dojo Surprise is a picturebook written and illustrated by Chris Tougas. The six little ninjas of Dojo Daycare and Dojo Daytrip are back for a third adventure. Here they are planning a surprise birthday party for their master. Stealthy as ever, the ninja girls and  boys tiptoe around without a noise (or so they think) as they prepare for the celebration. Meanwhile, the master is spooked by the noises and shadows he senses around him. Is there a dragon over there? It’s a total dojo scare!

Dojo Surprise is another fun and boldly illustrated picturebook for every little ninja. The students are trying to be stealthy in their party prep, but keep startling their master, although he is still not aware to what exactly is going on. I am rarely a fan of the 'unaware adult" that seems so prevalent in children's books, I would like to hope that here it is because the little ninjas are so well trained, but I do not quite buy it. However, I do think that it will highly entertain in a storytime or any read aloud settling. The artwork and thoughtfulness of the ninja students does overtake some of my misgivings- it is still a fun read that will make many young readers smile.

Dojo Surprise is a fun rhyming book for a good laugh and quick read. 
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