Early Book Review: Demon by Jason Shiga

Demon is a the first book of a four part mystery adventure in graphic novel format by Jason Shiga. It is currently scheduled for release on October 4 2016. Jimmy cannot die. When his body is killed, Jimmy simply takes over the body of the person in closest proximity to him. Simple, right? Not once Jimmy gets started. His mind is sharp and highly analytical, and he cares about nothing but his own survival and the survival of his adorable daughter. To avoid the shadowy government agency on his tail, Jimmy will do anything, even if it means tearing the world down around him.
Demon is an interesting idea taken down a dark path. The idea of being immortal is not new, but the concept of taking over the body of the nearest living person when you die is interesting. I liked the way the exact circumstances of Jimmy’s powers were revealed, and some of the effort he going to in order to escape. However, I feel like there are so many unanswered questions, most importantly why he was so determined to kill himself in the first place. I know that there are more books coming, but I do not know it I had enough crumbs to those answers to make me follow along. The art is the expected style from the artist, and worked well, but was nothing earth shaking for me. I think there is a definite audience for the book, I am just not part of it.

Demon is a dark and sometimes funny graphic novel. If you enjoy the twisted humor of the author you will enjoy this new series. I found it a little less interesting than I was hoping for, but I can see the appeal for certain readers.
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