Early Book Review: What Color is a Kiss by Rocio Bonilla

What Color is a Kiss by Rocio Bonilla is a picturebook that was originally published in 2015, but has a new edition being published on December 6 2016. Sassy and intrepid Monica loves to paint and sees her world in every color of the rainbow, but the color to paint a kiss is a question that nags at her. She paints and paints, hoping to discover the answer. With the help of her mother, Monica discovers that kisses and love come in all colors.

What Color is a Kiss is a sweet and creative way to explore colors, concepts, and creativity. Monica loves to paint and create. Her current project is to paint a kiss, but what color should it be? She explores the positives and negatives of several colors- listing the good and bad things that she associates with them- not finding just the right shade in her exploration. When her mother stops in and gives a moment of affection Monica comes to realize than any color can be a kiss, and every color can show love. A simple and sweet story that is good for exploring creativity, self expression, and colors. 
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