Early Book Review: Herbie’s Big Adventure by Jennie Poh

Herbie’s Big Adventure is a picturebook by Jennie Poh which is currently scheduled for release on September 1 2016.Herbie is a little hedgehog who is perfectly happy at home with his mother. But one day Mommy tells Herbie that it's time to go exploring all by himself! Herbie is so not sure he is up for it, but ready or not as soon as he begins a westerly wind sweeps Herbie into the wide world and his adventure begins!

Herbie’s Big Adventure is a very cute picturebook. I really enjoyed the artwork, it had plenty of detail and emotion without being overwhelming or loud. Instead, it was subtle and realistic. Herbie the hedgehog loves to do all the things a young hedgehog should, especially enjoy the hugs and affection of his mother. However, as he grows his mother knows it is time for him to go out to explore and forage of his own. She trusts his skills and that he will come home to her, even when Herbie doubts himself. As he steps out the door for his big adventure the wind sweeps him further away than he wants, but he does all the right things and finds himself carried back home again. This would be a great choice for reading with more timid or dependent children in order to encourage to trust in themselves, particularly when their parents express their faith in them.

Herbie’s Big Adventure is a fun book about trusting in yourself and exploring the world. I loved the artwork and the sprinkle of imagination that is thrown in the mix. It will be a hit with many kinds of young readers, and caregivers alike.

About the Author/Illustrator: Jennie was born in England and grew up in Malaysia, in the jungle. At the age of 10, she moved back to England and went on to study Fine Art at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design, as well as Fashion Illustration at Central St Martins. Jennie loves the countryside, animals, tea and reading. She lives in Woking, England with her husband and two wonderful daughters.

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