Book Review: Loaded by Roxie Noir (A Bad Boy Novel)

Loaded by Roxie Noir is part of her Bad Boy series. Alex’s nickname is the scorpion, because he is fast and lethal. When you’re street muscle for the biggest drug cartel in North America, you’re hard or you’re dead. His boss swore kidnapping the accountant’s daughter would be quick and easy. Just find Tessa at the wedding, stuff her into a car and let someone else drive her off. The only thing more dangerous than doing his job is not doing his job. Tessa was just at a college friend’s wedding, at least until the guy that was dancing and flirting outrageously with her kidnaps her. Next thing she knows they are stuck together in a safe house, deep in the desert and she discovers that he is cocky for one really good reason.

Loaded is about survival, betrayal, and crime. Alex is a criminal with a weakness for the ladies, and that weakness rears its head when he sees, and flirts with, Tessa. Things only get more out of control as the kidnapping goes sideways and the pair end up breaking all the rules and end up not just in bed together, but falling for each other. Things only get more and more dangerous as they follow their own rules to survive and move forward. I do not want to give the plot line away, so I wont say much about the dangers and trouble they face. I will say that there is plenty of sex, dirty talk, and so much arrogance on Alex's part that some readers might not enjoy the story. However, I think most readers that have read the summary, or anything by Noir in the past, have a pretty good understanding of what they will be reading and expecting it.

Loaded is not for the faint of heart. Alex is an arrogant guy and the kidnapping and stalker like behavior that crop up could be triggers for some, and might bother some readers on the basis that controlling behavior is not just condoned but a little glorified. While Alex is well aware of his flaws, and admits to them, it does not change he attitude or behavior.
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