Book Review: Grumpy Cat’s All About Miserable Me: A Doodle Journal for Everything Awful by Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth

Grumpy Cat’s All About Miserable Me: A Doodle Journal for Everything Awful by Jimi Bonogofsky-Gronseth is an activity  book for all ages. Grumpy Cat wants to know about you, and here's your chance to tell everything! Nobody cares about your complaints, except Grumpy Cat! This book gives everyone's favorite cranky feline the chance to make suggestions for revealing your pet peeves. Grumpy will encourage you to draw the ugliest sweater, make a list of the grossest foods, draw three people you sorta kinda like (love is a strong word), and gripe to your heart's content.

Grumpy Cat’s All About Miserable Me is a book that can entertain doodlers of all ages, and anyone that likes the guru,py but cute little face of this famous feline. While definitely taking advantage of the fame and a niche market, this book will make anyone that falls into the target audience happy. In fact, I ordered a copy that I intend to give to my almost ten year old son, because he loves to draw and enjoys activity books and things that let him be creative, however I expect to order a second copy for my daughter who is not a big fan of sitting still long enough to write or draw, but loves anything animal related. I think adults will enjoy the book too, but I think it will be more eagerly completed and enjoyed by children old enough to understand sarcasm.
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