Early Book Review: Bera the One-Headed Troll by Eric Orchard

Bera the One-Headed Troll by Eric Orchard is a children's graphic novel that is currently scheduled for release on August 2 2016. Bera doesn't ask for much in life. She's a solitary, humble troll, tending her island pumpkin patch in cheerful isolation. She isn't looking for any trouble. But when trouble comes to find her, it comes in spades. A human baby has arrived in the realm of the trolls, and nobody knows where it came from, but Bera seems to be the only person who doesn't want it dead. There's nothing to it but to return the adorable little thing to its parents.

Bera the One-Headed Troll is a well drawn and written graphic novel for a wide variety of readers. Bera is a troll who is content with her little island and her job of growing pumpkins. her only companion is an owl, who is also her friend. When she finds a human baby she rescues it from a variety of creatures that either want it dead, or to give it to an evil witch. Bera is on a quest to find a hero to return the baby to its family, but in the process becomes a hero, discovers that things are not always what you expect, and finds her own little family in the process. The graphic novel has humor, adventure, some scary moments, and a nice amount of spooky fun. I like that the story shows that those considered heroes are not always what you might hope, but by doing the right thing even a one headed troll, rat, or goblin can become a hero in their own right. The artwork is detailed and expressed the mood and action of the story perfectly. Younger readers might get a kick out of hunting for the witch's spies and looking for clues in the background.

Bera the One-Headed Troll is a wonderfully spooky tale of coming of age, and becoming a hero while not trying. the message, art, and story are all quite delightful. I think readers of a variety of ages and reading levels could greatly enjoy this read. 
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