Book Review: Jacked by Eric Kripke

Jacked by Eric Kripke is an adult graphic novel about Josh Jaffe, a man deep in his own mid-life crisis. Feeling like no one respects him, he takes the advise of his brother and tries out a pill that is supposed to help him be more focused and help him break out of a slump. However, while the pill certainly makes him feel healthier- it also gives him super strength and some crazy hallucinations and are highly addictive. This brutally honest story is from Eric Kripke (creator of the hit TV series Supernatural), Vertigo veterans John Higgins (HELLBLAZER), and Glenn Fabry (PREACHER) with a on the modern superhero in this new graphic novel thriller.

Jacked collects the entire current run of the story, issues one through six. It is a realistic look at life today, at least for some, and a different angle of becoming a superhero. I liked that the book was gritty and real. It showed the more depressing side of middle age, and how some people feel or cope. It also takes a look a society, and how looking for respect and trying to be better can lead down dangerous paths. There are graphic moments, and the trippy hallucinations were bright and bold. It came together very well and most adults will be able to relate to at least some of the emotions or situations that run through the story.

Jacked is a solid and well executed graphic novel. It was timely and realistic. However, while I liked it, I did not adore it.  
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