Book Review: Babak the Beetle by Fred Paronuzzi, Andree Prigent

Babak the Beetle is a picture book written by Fred Paronuzzi and illustrated by Andree Prigent. It was originally published in France.  When Babak the little dung beetle finds an egg, he s determined to find the owner. But he soon finds that this mysterious egg does not belong to the ostrich, frog, or snake. What kind of egg is it?! 

Babak the Beetle is a well done and highly entertaining book. Babak is a good hearted beetle that finds an egg in his travels. Even though the egg is bigger than him, he rolls it from area to are asking every creature he runs across if the egg is theirs, and who it might belong to. When he finds the rightful home of the white, dimpled “egg” Babak is determined to care for it himself. Sweet and silly all wrapped up with a bit of nature information that animal lovers like my daughter would quickly absorb. 

Babak the Beetle is a charming picture book that is well drawn and is sure to bring on chuckles and big smiles as Babak looks for the owner of his oddly dimpled egg. 
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