Book Review: The Fantasy Artroom by Arron Pocock

The Fantasy Artroom by Arron Pocock is a book that will help you brush up on your skills and add new tricks and techniques to your repertoire. Sketching, line art, watercolors, mixed media, composition, rendering methods ― The Fantasy Artroom is your all-in-one traveling companion into the world of fantasy art. These step-by-step demonstrations offer easy-to-follow methods for drawing trees and landscapes; forming dwarves, witches, mermaids, centaurs, and other characters; and putting them all together into enchanting compositions. Introduce a new dimension to your drawing, line art, and watercolor images with this richly illustrated guide and its helpful exercises, tips, and suggestions.

The Fantasy Artroom is a nice blend of explaining the whys and hows of fantasy art. Arron Pocock explains their techniques and preferences in the genre. I like the way the process is discussed, including technical skill, intent, and inspiration. I find that all three are important in all art forms, and there is no exception here.  Everything was covered thoroughly and there was plenty of encouragement along with the discussion of skill and practice. I think inspiring artists could benefit from this material.

The Fantasy Artroom was a well organized, beautiful, and instructional book. readers that are interested in expanding their art skill, particularly in dealing with fantasy worlds and creatures, will find much of interest here. 
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