Early Book Review: We Just Had A Baby by Stephen Krensky

We Just Had A Baby by Stephen Kerensky is a picture book currently scheduled for release on March 1 2016. It is not easy getting used to a new baby in the house. Everyone in the world thinks whatever the baby does is amazing! And if you aren t the baby, everyone acts like you re invisible. This picture book is told from a slightly older sibling s point of view, with observations about living with a new sister or brother. 

We Just Had A Baby is a realistic and well balanced book about the addition of a baby to the household. The older sibling notes that everyone ohh and ahh over the new baby’s every move, and their attention is decreased. However, the book also notes that the baby can do nothing for themselves, and how much they can teach the new family member. It is a sweet and fun book that can help prepare young children for an upcoming or recent addition to the family in a positive way.

We Just Had A Baby is a good picture book to share with young children about to become a big brother or sister. The observations about being an older sibling are honest and combine both the good and bad about the change. I like the hope and fun that the book ends with, encouraging the soon to be older sibling to be a teacher rather than tormentor.  

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