Book Review: Silver Bullet (Preternatural Affairs #2) by S.M. Reine

Silver Bullet is the second book in the Preternatural Affairs urban fantasy series by S.M. Reine. I listened to the audiobook which is read by Jeffrey Kafer. This series does have major plot points that build upon each other. I do not recommend skipping ahead. If this sounds book interesting to you, I would start at the beginning with Witch Hunt. Knowing who everyone is, and the intricacies of their connections, is key to fully understanding and enjoying the read.

Former private investigator Cèsar Hawke has one rule: He doesn't deal with dead bodies. That's why he enlisted with the Magical Violations Department in the Office of Preternatural Affairs. He's happy tracking down witches that commit petty crimes, but he leaves the homicides to other agents. Except that he's been assigned to a new team and the job has suddenly changed. Now Cèsar has to deal with dead bodies. He also has to deal with necromancers, murderous cults, and demons that can stop a man's heart with fear. This isn't the job he signed up for, but it's the job he needs to do. If he survives the first week.

Silver Bullet picks up right after Witch Hunt ends. Cèsar and crew on an investigation trying to find the source of a flux in demonic energy. This leads them into a casino run by demons, and on the tail of werewolves, a cult, and an ancient power that seems to be waking up. Between the living nightmare demons, the giant spiders, and the apple cult hunting for stones of power no one is happy. The additional help of a few Union members adds a little back up for a team that received little to no training on demons, and is now deep in demons. I like that the character building and action continue in high gear, with magic is less important this time around. I liked getting deeper into the psyche of Cèsar, Fritz and Suzy- although Isobel is still a bit of a mystery. I also like that while there are hints of attraction between characters romance is a back burner storyline, rather than taking over the entire story.  I find this to be a grittier series than my much loved Dresden Files from Jim Butcher, but about equal in wit and smart alekcy comments.

Silver Bullet is a great balance of the paranormal and mystery. There is plenty of sardonic wit, action, hold your breath moments, and silliness to boot. A fast and fun serious to keep happy readers up well past their bedtime.  Listeners get the bonus of being able to listen to the talented Jeffrey Kafer do some high class voice acting at the some time as they get lost in Cèsar's world.

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