Book Review: Finders Reapers by Anna Staniszewski

Finders Reapers is the second book in the Switched at First Kiss series by Anna Staniszewski. The first book in the series is I'm With Cupid. It is important to read the books in order to understand the details of the world and some of the crises that Marcus and Lena have faced together already.

Marcus is a Cupid. Lena is a Reaper. Neither are ready for any more supernatural surprises. They just got their powers un-swapped, however things aren't as back to normal as they seem. On his next assignment, Marcus's "love boost" is a little too powerful. Then Lena's soul to capture sort of, well, escapes. The cause? Lena and Marcus's powers are still intertwined! Their emotions are affecting each other's power. So, basically the fate of the world depends on them getting along in their brand new romance.

Finders Reapers is a solid follow up to I'm with Cupid, and has new characters and problems for our supernatural couple to face. While their powers are their own again, things still are not quite right. Assignments are not going quite right, and both Lena and Marcus are keeping things from the other. a new girl at school, Lena's mother coming to town, and more makes their struggles even harder. They are fighting so hard to be the 'perfect' couple, that trust and a real connection seem to be as fragile as their powers. Can they each get a better control of their emotions, grip on their powers, and find a way to be the couple they want to be? They each need to learn a little more about themselves, and come a bit more into their own confidence before they can unravel the web of problems that seem to surround them. I like that the world Staniszewski created has become more in depth and complicated in this book, while the main focus for this reader was still the coming of age and character growth for Lena and Marcus. While there is certainly a number of questions unanswered, I felt that the book did not leave readers on a cliff edge. I was satisfied with the ending, but still want to know more. Pretty perfect balance for any ongoing series.

Finders Reapers is a charming and fun middle grade read that will appeal to kids looking to escape, and to those looking to see a little bit of themselves, in two main characters facing a variety of problems. I enjoyed the read, and wonder where the series will go from here, because there are plenty of questions that still need to be answered.
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