Book Review: Straight by the Rules by Michelle Scott

Straight by the Rules by Michelle Scott is the third book in the Lilith Straight series. Lilith Straight might have a contract to act as the Devil's servant, however she still has her conscience. This makes life just a little bit tricky in Hell, as you might imagine. When your sister actually belongs in Heaven, the hot man in your life has his own devilish agenda and the rest of your family won’t stop meddling in your unfinished business life is very complicated!

Straight by the Rules is the third book in this series, and while I have not read the previous books and know I missed a great deal of set up and world building, I was able to catch up to speed quickly. Although I will say that I am eager to go back and read the first two book. Lilith is stuck in a contract to follow instructions and tempt particular people at certain times. She is still trying to figure out how to get out of her contract, but is afraid to go too far from the letter of the rules and put her daughter and extended family at risk. Life is even more complicated because her almost boyfriend is also in the service of the devil, and has been at it much longer. Then there is her friend, who she has enthralled, the niece that lives with her, and the challenge of fulfilling her contract while not betraying her own value or those that believe in her. I liked her methods, her outlook, and her nature. The story had me hooked, even without knowing just how we all got here. Even the secondary characters made themselves known, and interesting to me. 

Straight by the Rules is a quick paced, fun urban fantasy. I enjoyed the characters, and getting to know them. I will be going back to read the first two books, and am looking forwards to seeing where the fourth book will take me as well. 

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