Book Review: Breaking News: Bear Alert by David Biedrzycki

Breaking News: Bear Alert by David Biedrzycki is a fun picturebook. Two bears awaken from hibernation and go to town, literally. During their visit, they eat at a diner, dress up at a department store, and stop a couple of bank robbers, all the while mistaking the townspeople’s terror for friendliness.

Breaking News: Bear Alert is a bright and high interesting picturebook. After two researchers literally poke a sleeping bear, two furry creatures hitch a ride and paint the town red. While they explore the town and enjoy the sights the townspeople are obviously concerned and the local news focuses on the unexpected tourists. However, they fail to notice that a pair of robbers are taking advantage of the confusion and distraction around town. Readers can spot the robbers and fun allusions through out the story.  All in all the book is great fun, but also shows something of the way children see the world more clearly than phone and news obsessed adults.

Breaking News: Bear Alert is a fun and somehow telling story to share. On the surface it is simply silly story about well meaning and innocent bears. However, the parents and older children might see some of the daily problems of the real world, like everyone being so focused on the new's version of the day or their phones to notice what is going on around them or what the children around them see clearly.

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