Book Review: Wild Thunder by Cassie Edwards

Wild Thunder by Cassie Edwards is a historical romance. Hannah Kody came to her brother's ranch in the Kansas Territory to be his eyes, as his sight was failing fast. Yet his misfortune couldn't dim the joy she found in the wide vistas of the Western plains. And the excitement she found in the presence of Strong Wolf. For Strong Wolf, Hannah was supposed to be the enemy, allied not only to the settlers he distrusted, but to the brutal foreman of her brother's ranch. He felt only sorrow could come of their attraction, until the day Hannah rode to his lodge, fell into his arms, and launched a journey neither had the desire to deny.

Wild Thunder is a well researched and detailed historical. Hannah was a character I thought I would love, and the reason I picked up the book. She desired freedom in a time when women had little power and few choices. getting to leave a convent to join her ailing brother was a mixed blessing for her. Strong Wolf was a fiercely honorable and peaceful man, struggling to protect his people. Hannah's brother Chuck was barely fleshed out as a character, and the rest of her family was even less dynamic. I found some of the descriptions of the history and tensions to be interesting, but found the whole thing to be a little too complicated and drawn out. I realize that this was the first book in a new romance series, so some of the detail might have been to build up for future books, but I was ready for a conclusion about halfway through the story. Hannah and Strong Wolf find each other, admit and give into their feelings, and promise to marry about that time. However, more and more other things happen, other characters get introduced, and while it was reasonably well done I just did not think all of it was necessary. 

Wild Thunder was a highly detailed and well researched historical. For those that want a deeper and more layered read than this might be the book you are looking for. I went into the book expecting a lighter read, which might have been my own fault, and found myself skimming through conversations and five page sex scenes. i was just done with the story about half way through, but felt the need to finish it anyway. 

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