Book Review: The Skeleton in the Closet by Angie Fox

The Skeleton in the Closet by Angie Fox is the second book in the Southern Ghost Hunter mystery series. I know I have read other books by the author, but I have not read Southern Spirit, the first book in the series. Verity is in the middle of a town festival dealing with being hated by one of the town big wigs for her failed relationship with her son. Meanwhile the ex is hounding her, and she is kinda, quietly, dating his younger brother. Then there is the little problem of stumbling across as dead body while trying to help her sister with her work on the celebration. Her ghostly sidekick Frankie warns her to stay out of it. The very alive, almost boyfriend deputy sheriff, Ellis Wydell, inadvertently places her directly in the middle of it. Undaunted, Verity presses forward, uncovering scandalous secrets, long-forgotten ghosts, and a shocking trail of clues that places her directly in the path of a killer.

The Skeleton in the Closet is a fun and diverting paranormal cozy mystery. there are plenty of complications, ex boyfriends and almost boyfriends that just happen to be siblings not even close to the biggest of the issues Verity has to face. She is trying to free the gangster ghost that she accidentally trapped on her property, trying to solve the mystery of who would want to kill a hardworking woman, why she was killed, and dealing with a variety of ghosts and their conflicts as well. Even though I had not read the first book I felt like I got up to speed pretty quick, and only the details of Verity's break up and why the Sheriff dislikes her so much being the only things that make me feel like I missed something important in the first book. I found the mystery and the characters interesting, and really liked the tone of the story.     

The Skeleton in the Closet is a fast paced and fun weekend read. I flew through the story, looking for clues and just how everything would tie in together at the end. If you enjoy cozy mysteries with a ghostly theme this would be a great series to pick up. 

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