Book Review: Everyone Loves Bacon by Kelly DiPuccio, Eric Wight

Everyone Loves Bacon is a picturebook written by Kelly DiPuccio and illustrated by Eric Wight. Every food in the kitchen loves Bacon, and they all are his friends. He is practically sizzling with the popularity and praise he receives. However, after awhile all that fame goes to his head and he forgets about friends and family, instead focusing on how much he is loved. In the end things take a decidedly delicious turn.

Everyone Loves Bacon is a fun book that shows how easy it can be to lose ourselves in praise and attention. Bacon eats up all the attention he gets, and in doing so treats those that have always been by his side badly. This is never a good course of action, and his friends do not take kindly to it. The ending is not really a resolution to that problem, but is a good reminder that when 'everyone' loves you often times at least one of those admirers is out to take a bite of the action.

Everyone Loves Bacon is a a fun story with a delightful surprise ending. It was downright delicious, and now I am hungry for something crispy.

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