Early Book Review: Bound by Sin by Jacquelyn Frank

Bound by Sin is the third book in the Immortal Brothers series by Jacquelyn Frank. It is currently scheduled foresees on September 29 2015. This is a series I highly recommend to read in order, although the love stories of each book do stand alone, it is the bigger story of the struggles the brothers face that require reading as a series.

After being chained to a star to burn endlessly as punishment for stealing immortality from the gods, Jaykun has been unshackled to wage war alongside his brothers. But each night Jaykun must still suffer, his body burning from the inside out. One early morning, recovering from his torment, he encounters a beautiful stranger on the beach. Naked from her midnight-black hair down to her sandy toes, she approaches him with starry-eyed innocence and the unmistakable full body of a woman. His brothers fear he is blinded by her radiant beauty, that she has been sent by their enemies to seduce and destroy him. Jileana is indeed from another world, one Jaykun cannot begin to imagine. But will their passion burn brightly enough to light their way through the darkness that threatens to consume all in its path?

Bound by Sin is a goods continuation of the story, however I will admit that it was long enough since reading the previous book that I did not initially remember the particulars of how Jaykun joined his brothers. Thankfully, the story gets down to the nitty gritty pretty quickly. Jaykun and Jileana meet pretty quickly, and their attraction and agreement comes about with little trouble. Jillian is all wonder and wide eyed innocence, obviously different. Jaykun does not trust easily, and both wants to protect those around him and his own heart. While trying to gather control of the city he and his brothers have just won, the relationship between the two grows. Journeying to Jileana’s home adds a new level of conflict and danger to the mix. The pairing worked well for me, but I will admit that once they got to Jileana’s home the names got confusing, and some things got either too simple or complicated- they just did not work for me as well as I had hoped. I did still enjoy the read, it just did not hold up to me high standards for the author.

Bound by Sin is not my favorite of the series, but the set up at the end gives me high hopes for the forth. Even though I prefer the other books in the series so far, this book still had some really good moments and is worth the read, particularly for Frank fans.  

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