Book Review: Jampires by Sarah McInture & David O'Connell

Jampires is a picturebook by Sarah McInture & David O'Connell. The jam has been sucked out of Sam's doughnuts! Who are the culprits? Sam sets a trap to catch the jam thieves and gets a surprise! It's the Jampires, friendly little creatures whose love of jam and sweet things gets them into trouble! They fly off with Sam to their magical land sitting in the clouds, where doughnuts grow on trees, jam tarts sprout like flowers, and castles are made of jammy sponge cake.

Jampires is an imaginative picture book that will either ignite your young readers imagination, or at least get them giggling about the very idea of jampires scurrying around the world sucking the jam out of sweet treats. I really enjoyed the illustrations and the imagination that went into creating creatures like jampires and the sticky sweet world they come from. My only worry is that my sweet craving kiddos would try to pull crazy jam sucking schemes (if I actually kept any jam or jelly filled treats in the house).

Jampires is a silly and fun story for reading together during story time or as part of a bedtime routine. It would be fun to include donuts or danish in the next day's activities (with or without jelly) to continue the fun. 
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