Book Review: Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery by Shirley Hughes, Clara Vulliamy

Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery is a children’s chapter book written by Shirley Hughes, and illustrated by Clara Vulliamy. This is the second book about the adventures of Digby and his best friend Percy, but the books do stand on their own. This time Digby and Percy are off on a special vacation by the sea, but instead of the relaxation they expect, they find themselves in the midst of a grand adventure involving a pop star, a stolen necklace, and exploring caves with a new friend.

Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery is a great adventure for young readers. So many books for new readers are overly simple or silly, but this series is smart and interesting. Zigby has no interest in pop stars, although Percy is more than a little awestruck. The pair walk the scenic routes, making a new local friend. When the pop star is robbed the friendly pair accidentally stumble across the solution to the mystery of the stolen necklace. Once again their good natures and honesty serves the pair well and they are significantly rewarded for their positive traits. 

Digby O'Day and the Great Diamond Robbery is another early chapter book that offers readers an interesting, solid story paired with a lesson in being a good person. I would definitely recommend this book for young readers as well as more advanced readers that want to enjoy the tale.  

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