Three Light and Laugh-Out-Loud Authors

First, what is chick lit? It is the short hand term used, both fondly and mockingly, for literature that tends to appeal mainly to women. This does not mean romance novel, though there is often a romance in the story, but more often the main storyline of the novel is more about the main character figuring out what she really wants in life. There are the tear-jerkers, the mysteries, the fun, the paranormal and some that blur all those lines. Here are some of the authors that right the chick lit books that seem to most fun, laugh educing novels that I've come across in the last few years. 

First is Janet Evanovich, particularly her Stephanie Plum series which starts with One For the Money. Evanovich's characters tend to be realistic, but slightly exaggerated. In One For the Money Stephanie is a twenty something woman who has just lost a job she wasn't too thrilled with to begin with, and searching to find something to pay the bills as well as something to make her happy. While becoming a bounty hunter for her slimy cousin wasn't exactly what she had in mind it somehow makes everything else come together. She get herself into situations which start out as something I can picture myself doing, but then quickly escalates to a laugh out loud series of events rather than the painful embarrassing moments I would expect my life to turn into. This holds true in Evanovich's stand alone novels and Motor Mouth books, although the Stephanie Plum books are by far my favorite of her works. There are two main readers for the audio books of her work, and both are great. So listening while commuting can make a rough drive so much more enjoyable.

MaryJanice Davivdson is another funny favorite. She has several series, and even some young adult novels, but she is best known for her Undead series, which is what she calls it but my friends and I often call it the Queen Betsy series. This series begins with Undead and Unwed, where we see Elizabeth Taylor (but never call her), better known as Betsy, becomes a vampire through unusual means and continue to defy convention and expectations from there. Including those of other vampires, she breaks every mold except that of a prophesy that declares her queen of the vampires. This shoe obsessed vampire has the requisite dysfunctional family and endless determination. Mix in an uptight hunk and a variety of fantastic supporting characters and hilarity ensues.

My third suggestion is not as widely known as the first two, but I think finding a new author is a great feeling, although she won't be unknown very long because there is already talk of a movie based on Shanna Swendson's novel Enchanted, Inc. The book starts with a well used theme, small town girl feeling lost and overwhelmed as she struggles to make a place for herself in New York City. Things take a strange turn when Katie is offered a new job and things just get stranger from there with magic, gargoyles and quirky coworkers. It is a fun, charming read with romance only in the very background. The story is more about Kate's search for a satisfying place in the world and trying to make sense of what is real.. There are currently four books in this series, and the charm does not fade as the series progresses, which is always a danger.

Already know and love these authors or just want some more suggestions? Well if you like Janet Evanovich then I suggest trying Nancy Bartholomew, Sarah Strohmeyer and Jennifer Crusie all of whom I've also read and loved. MaryJanice Davidson fans might want to read Katie Macalister, Vicki Lewis Thompson, and Lynsay Sands. Finally, if Shanna Swendson has caught your fancy you might want to try Candace Havens and Dakota Cassidy. I recommend all of these authors to anyone that likes some laughter from their books.
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