Book Review: The Night Children by Sarah Tsiang, Delphine Bodet

The Night Children is a picturebook written by Sarah Tsiang and illustrated by Delphine Bodet. When the streets are empty and kids are called home for dinner and put to bed, the world becomes a magical place. The mischievous night children frolic in the twilight, rummaging for treasures and scattering surprises, stealing slices of the moon and dancing on rooftops. Only when dawn breaks do they tuck themselves away. But if you look very closely, you might just catch a glimpse of them disappearing as you wake up.

The Night Children is a beautifully illustrated picturebook that can capture the imagination. The text is lyrical, but the idea of night children, all drawn wearing monster-like hats, could either intrigue or frighten some children. the story could be an explanation for the shadows, sounds, and odd shapes that some children attribute to monsters, but I could see more adventurous children taking the story to heart and wanting to run with the elusive night children. The adventures of the night children answer many questions that children might have about the world around them, like unexpected changes in the landscape of odd sounds and movements. I think some young readers will love the flow of the story, and the splendid artwork, but I think it might be too abstract for others to really fall into and love.

The Night Children is a creative story about the unknown and imagination that some children will love completely. it just might fire up the imagination and creativity in some. However, I think some more pragmatic souls will not be quite so enraptured. 

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