Book Review: Puppy Pirates: Stowaway by Erin Soderberg

Puppy Pirates: Stowaway is a children’s chapter book by Erin SoderbergWally is a pup with a nose for adventure. So when he stumbles onto a ragtag group of puppies who sail the seven seas, he knows he has to join the fun! But if pirates are supposed to be gruff and tough, this furry little guy isn’t exactly first-mate material.  Does he have what it takes to become a full-fledged puppy pirate?

Stowaway is the first book in the Puppy Pirate series, and it sets up a series of pirate adventures for one ship of puppies, and a human boy. Wally wants adventure, he wants to be a puppy pirate. When he and a human boy stowaway on a puppy pirate ship they have to prove their worth of they will have to walk the plank. They show that being quick witted and kinder than any proper pirate should be holds more value than the other puppies might expect. A fun story full of fun, friendship, and determined cuteness.

Stowaway is a easy chapter book that just might capture the attention of many young readers. Puppies, pirates, and adventure- three things most young readers love. The story is a cute read, and will appeal to many fans of similar series. I did not think it was outstanding, but I certainly think it will get some children hooked and reading which is what is important.  

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