Early Book Review:Let's Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories by Nagumo, Aji-Ichi

Let's Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories by Nagumo and Aji-Ichi is a graphic novel that is currently scheduled for publication in the states on August 18 2015.  Doujinshi, otherwise known as independent manga in Japan, is rarely published in English and is typically considered underground. It begins with Let's East Ramen, a three-part tale of Saeki- a girl who loves ramen noodles. At last, she thinks that she has finally found the perfect ramen shop, but the problem is the shop is completely full of old regulars and she can't get in. Will the timid Saeki ever summon the willpower to reach out and get the ramen that she desperately wants? The other stories are about high school students and involve love, ghosts, and more.

I really enjoyed Let's Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories and my biggest issue with the volume is that I would have liked to see more of the title story. I want to see more of Saeki's story and will be pursuing that. The other stories ranged from 'huh?' because I was not quite ready to leave the Ramen story, to very good and wanting more. I really liked the story involving the swim team member and ghost rumors, and the opening story. I thought the volume was a good introduction to some manga that we rarely get our hands on here in the states, unless you are an enthusiast or have some connections. The artwork was charming and displayed the style and emotion that I expect from manga. I was very happy with this and loved every moment of the read. As I said, my only disappointment was with my desire for more.

I would recommend Let's Eat Ramen and Other Doujinshi Short Stories to anyone that is interested in manga, or general enjoys it. The stories are bite sized and wonderfully charming. I hope it inspires more people to explore the artwork and literature of other cultures, particularly the less available items.
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