Book Review: Jakes Monster Mess by Ken Spillman and Chris Nixon

Jakes Monster Mess is a picturebook written by Ken Spillman and illustrated by Chris Nixon. Jake's room is only slightly messy, until he tries to clean it! After he has cleared out his sock drawer, his jock drawer, and his toy cupboard and dragged all the dusty and forgotten clutter out from under the bed, he realizes all those things are piled high on his floor and worse, they seem to have expanded!

Jakes Monster Mess is a book that captures what often happens when anyone tries to tackle a small project, which seems to grow. I know it happens to me every time I try to sort through what clothes or toys can be given away and what should be kept. Jake tries to fold and put away his laundry, only to discover the drawer he needs in full. So he decides to move those clothes elsewhere, but that location is already taken and prompts more dumping, which brings his attention to something else that needs to be organized, and so on. I can sympathize, and think kids, teachers, care givers, and parents can all relate to that feeling and phenomenon as well.

Jakes Monster Mess is a fun and relate-able books for readers of all ages. It could be used in a story time or family sharing setting, with a great story and entertaining illustrations to match. A good read for anyone with organizational difficulties, myself included. 

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