Early Book Review: If He's Noble by Hannah Howell

If He's Noble is the seventh book in the Wherlocke series by Hannah Howell. It is currently scheduled for release on July 28 2015. Like all of Howells books this book can stand on its own, but readers that have read some books from the Murray or related series will come in with a better understanding of what to expect from her characters. 

For Lady Primrose Wootten nothing has been ordinary since her father the Baron died and his wayward family filled the estate with greed and treachery. Primrose knows if she can just track down her brother, he can send the odious relations on their way. But instead she finds this enormous, powerful stranger, and forgets entirely what she was doing in the first place. Sir Bened Vaughn is an honorable man, and he knows he has no right to desire Primrose. Yet he does have an obligation to help her, and as they learn more about her brother's disappearance, he realizes that means staying by her side and wondering how much longer they can resist temptation.

If He's Noble is a fun romp with high excitement and great characters. Primrose is a strong but sheltered girl dealing with the danger of a deviously deadly aunt looking to take over her family's holdings. Bened has earned a title by saving the life of a important but foolish noble, after spending most of his life in service to others. They find each other in the woods, and soon Bened knows that Primrose is in more danger than she is ready to admit. His gift helps predict and defend against the dangers they face in search of her brother, but he cannot protect himself from everything. Many characters are introduced and new family members found for both families, and the action does get a little complex in places, as do the character relations, but it all comes together well at the end. I think Primrose is one of my favorite heroines from Howell in a while, though I think she was a bit more of a risk taker than I expected from her after awhile. I also found the big bad to be a little too evil and calculating, more of a Cruella De Ville style villain than anything realistic. All in all, a satisfying but not quite perfect romp through the woods with deadly intent fast on the heels of our heroes.

If He's Noble is just as much fun and full of adventure as fans would expect. Howell maintained the level of quality in characters and action that I look for and expect from her books. While I still think Primrose fell into bed a little early, and her aunt was a little too much, I still highly enjoyed the book. 
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