Early Book Review: I Know Sasquatch by Jess Bradley

I Know Sasquatch is a picturebook by Jess Bradley which is currently scheduled for release on August 1 2015. Everyone knows that Bigfoot, or Sasquatch are big, creepy creatures with razor-sharp teeth, long claws, and stinky fur. At least, thats what most people think. But nobody's actually ever met one, except Jess Bradley!

I Know Sasquatch is a quirky and colorful picture book that combines photographs and illustration to tell Sasquatch's real story. The result is a creative and fun picturebook that just might jump start your reader's own creativity. The author shares her experiences with meeting Bigfoot and what she learned from him. He is not scary or dangerous, he is sweet and apparently smells like blueberries and enjoys chewing bubble gum. For instance, he is not a big fan of all those blurry pictures that make him look mean and scary.

I Know Sasquatch is a book that will capture the imagination of both young readers, and the adults that share the book with this. This would be a great story time book or summer reading starter for even the youngest of readers. 

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