Book Review: When Santa was a Baby by Linda Bailey

When Santa was a Baby is a sweet picturebook by Linda Bailey. Here is a delightful answer for every child that has wondered what Santa was like as a baby or child, and the adults that have fielded those questions. This book shows how strong, smart, and unusual Santa was as a baby and young child. It shows the beginning of his gift giving, home at the North Pole, and more. Most importantly it shows readers of all ages that it is the things that made Santa unusual and different that turned out to be the very best of him.

While Christmas seems awful far away, I have to recommend When Santa was a Baby. This picturebook tries to answer an age old question, what was Santa like as a child? While I am a huge fan of the Christmas movie that answers most Santa origin question, this one handles it slightly differently with a focus on his youngest years. Did you know that Santa first Ho Ho Ho'd as an infant, or that he made friends with a rather short fellow that shared his love for toy building? 

When Santa was a Baby is a sweet and beautifully illustrated picturebook that has a lighthearted look at Santa's earliest years, but a deeper message that is one we can all appreciate. Santa's parents worried for him, but supported him and the things that made Santa so different from others turn out to be the very things that the world seems to love and cherish about him most.
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