Early Book Review: Gryphons Aren’t So Great by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, and Andrew Arnold

Gryphons Aren’t So Great is a children's graphic novel by James Sturm, Alexis Frederick-Frost, and Andrew Arnold. It is currently scheduled for release on September 8 2015. The Knight's best friend is her horse, Edward. They go everywhere together and do everything together! But when the Knight gets a gryphon, suddenly all she talks about is how awesome her new pet is. Edward can't help it, he's jealous! When the gryphon turns out to be more of a peril than a pet, and Edward comes to the rescue.

Gryphons Aren’t So Great is a cute graphic novel for the easy reader and youngest independent readers. Knight is described as a girl in the summary, but honestly there is no gender definition in the story, the Knight is just a brave kid in armor. Every reader can imagine themselves in her place. the horse, Edward is a brave partner to the knight, but feels left behind and unimportant when the gryphon and knight spend more and more time together. I think most readers (young and old) can relate to the feeling, and seeing their own experience in print will help them understand that everyone has had that experience.  It can also help them get a better grasp on their feelings and how to manager them. Beyond all that, the artwork and story are simply good, sweet fun and worth exploring.

Gryphons Aren’t So Great is the second of four adorable picture books from the creators of Adventures in Cartooning. It is a sweet and accessible story that even the youngest readers can relate to and enjoy.

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